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Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street
Price: $10.34
 From Wall Street to Main Street, John Brooks, longtime contributor to the New Yorker, brings to life in vivid fashion twelve classic and timeless tales of corporate and financial life in America What do the $350 million Ford Motor Company disaster known as the Edsel, the fast and incredible rise of Xerox, and the unbelievable scandals at General Electric and Texas Gulf Sulphur have in common? Each is an example of how an iconic company was defined by a particular moment of fame or notoriety; these...
The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972
Price: $20.52
 The famous -- and infamous -- Nixon White House tapes that reveal forthe first time President Richard Nixon uncensored, unfiltered, and in hisown wordsPresident Nixon's voice-activated taping system captured every wordspoken in the Oval Office, Cabinet Room, and other key locations in theWhite House, and at Camp David -- 3,700 hours of recordings between1971 and 1973. Yet less than 5 percent of those conversations have everbeen transcribed and published. Now, thanks to professor Luke Nichter'smassive...
A Christmas Carol
Price: $0.79
 • This e-book publication is unique which includes exclusive Introduction, Historical Background and handcrafted additional content. • This edition also includes detailed Biography, Notes, Criticisms and Interpretations. • A new table of contents with working links has been included by a publisher. • This edition has been corrected for spelling and grammatical errors.
Minuteman International CC-01BK Pellet, Coal Scuttle
Price: $29.90
 Return to your colonial roots with this scuttle. Formerly used for carrying coal, it can be used for many purposes while looking great in your home or yard.
Coal Scuttles
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    Instant Lace Mat Silicone Cake Mold Wedding Cake Decoration Baking Tool
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     Instant Lace Mat Silicone Cake Mold Wedding Cake Decoration Baking Tool #b109
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